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Our Story

Progressive Industrial Fluids manufactures the best lubricant and oil products designed specifically for the toughest environments Canada has to offer. Regardless of your application, our vast product line includes the highest quality, longest lasting, toughest products that you could use in your equipment. Treat your equipment with products that exceed industry standards and get the results you deserve.

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Look How Far We've Come 


Progressive Industrial Fluids is projected to start construction on an 18,000 square foot addition to our London, ON Head Office and Manufacturing facility.


The new London, ON Head Office and Manufacturing facility is opened for business.


Broke ground on the new 38,000 square foot London Head Office and Manufacturing facility.


The world-wide Covid pandemic causes building delay on new London, ON location. Progressive Industrial Fluids pivots production to help with Covid PPE shortages; manufacturing hand sanitizer and importing 1.6 million masks via importer relationships.

Progressive Industrial Fluids finalizes a fellowship for our first PHD Candidate.


Progressive Industrial Fluids purchases 4 acres from the City of London, ON to expand Progressive Industrial Fluids and move Head Office and Manufacturing out of the GTA. 

London, ON offers the best logistics between USA and Canada as well as great Western University integration.


Progressive Industrial Fluids expands to a 21,000 square foot warehouse in Mississauga, ON.

Progressive Industrial Fluids starts R&D on its own additives and raw materials.


Progressive Industrial Fluids expands company warehouse by 6000 square feet to a total of 13,000 square feet in Mississauga, ON.

Progressive Industrial Fluids begins manufacturing product by blending our own formulations and purchases first company delivery truck. 


Progressive Industrial Fluids moves to a larger company warehouse, 6900 Square feet in Mississauga, ON


Progressive Industrial Fluids hires the first employee of many and moves into our first company warehouse, 2500 Square feet in Mississauga, ON.

Progressive Industrial Fluids starts manufacturing product by blending from concentrates.


Darren Chambers starts Progressive Industrial Fluids Ltd. as a distributor in his home office in Oakville, ON.

Meet Our Team

Darren Chambers, 
President and CEO

Darren is the founder of Progressive Industrial Fluids and is responsible for the overall success and growth of the company. He builds and maintains strong relationships with customers and the public, and provides strategic leadership, direction, and management to the company.

Matthew Chambers, 
VP, Operations

Matthew ensures that the company is running smoothly and efficiently. He develops and implements operational strategies, and ensures that the company is meeting its performance and financial goals.

Tarneshwar Mann, 
Plant Manager

Tarneshwar manages all operation and manufacturing production processes at Progressive Industrial Fluids Ltd. 

Scott Wilson, 
Technical Service and ISO Coordinator

Scott ensures that all Progressive products meet industry standards and customer requirements. He oversees the technical support and service operations and provides assistance to customers.

Nisha Prashar, 
Accounting Manager

Nisha manages the financial operations of Progressive Industrial Fluids. She plays a crucial role in providing accurate financial information, guiding strategic decision-making, and maintaining the financial health of the company.

Yashodha Pathak, 
Accounting Clerk

Yashodha is a great support to the accounting department. She is responsible for various administrative tasks related to financial transactions and record-keeping. 

Behzad Kamiab, 
Research and Development, Ph.D. (ICFAR)

Behzad conducts innovative research to drive further product advancements in our R&D department at Progressive Industrial Fluids Ltd.

Nicholas McMullin, 
Order Desk

Nicholas is our first line of communication for Progressive Industrial Fluids. He confirms order details, resolves any customer issues or questions, ensures that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time.

Joseph Hainge, 
Laboratory Manager

Joseph is responsible for the daily operations of our in-house laboratory. He ensures compliance with safety and regulatory standards as well as the quality control of our products.

Kylie McFadyen, 
Marketing Coordinator

Kylie designs and produces a wide range of product labels, marketing materials, and branding efforts for Progressive Industrial Fluids.

Stephanie Ransom, 
Research Assistant

Stephanie plays a vital role in the support of our research process. She conducts data collection and analysis, and experimental procedures.

Russell Taylor, 
Industrial Territory Sales Manager

Russell is our GTA sales manager, he builds and maintains strong customer relationships in the industrial market,  ensuring customer satisfaction.