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ProDrill Dura RX  Series

Our new line of rock drill oil products designed to maximize your machines out-put. Manufactured with premium base oils and enhanced with extreme-pressure additives.

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Get in touch with one of our service technicians today and optimize your oil. 

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Progressive Industrial Fluids Ltd. is Ontario largest independent lubricant manufacturer. We have a robust portfolio that offers the highest quality lubricants designed specifically for the harshest of Canadian climates. Our products will outperform all others, as well as giving you the added protection required to raise product quality to another level and maximize production up time.  Leave it to the Pros at Progressive.  

Why Work With The Pro's ?

Working with our elite team of experienced professionals knowledgeable in lubrication systems, machinery diagnostics, and maintenance protocols will give your equipment's performance the boost it needs.  We believe in customized solutions tailored to meet your companies unique operating conditions. Find out how we can help you implement personalized lubrication strategies and ask a Pro today .  

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On-Site Technical Service

Total Fluid Management​

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A Leader in the Canadian 

Manufacturing Industry 

As your Ontario leader in independent industrial lubricant manufacturing, we are proud to support Canadian businesses.  Treat your equipment with products that exceed industry standards and get the results you deserve.  

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