Eco Initiatives  

We have set a goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

This balance will ensure that the overall impact on the climate is minimized, effectively eliminating the net contribution of emissions to global warming.

2024 Green Leader Award Nomination

We are happy to announce that our Solar Panel Project installed by the brilliant team at German Solar, located here in London Ontario, has been nominated as a finalist in the "Emissions Reduction of the Year" Category in the 2024 Green Economy Leader Awards. 

Thank you to Green Economy London and London Environmental Network for this honorable nomination. We look forward to attending the Fourth Annual Green Leader Awards this April 10th. See you there! 

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Solar Panels

In early 2023 we installed 180 solar panels on the roof of our London, Ontario Head Office and Manufacturing plant, reducing our dependence on traditional energy sources, lowering electricity bills, and overall demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Solar power generates clean, renewable energy, reduces our carbon footprint and contributes to environmental conservation.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

Progressive Industrial Fluids is committed to the goal of an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2035. 

This will mean that our vehicle fleet will produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and contributing to improved air quality, and lower overall carbon emissions.

Reconditioned Packaging Material

Reconditioned packaging material provides a cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution, reduces waste, and aligns with the principles of environmental stewardship.

Progressive is proud to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills or recycling facilities, and help alleviate the burden on waste management systems. 

What You Don’t Know About Canadian Business Success: Progressive Industrial Fluids x HSBC

Find out how Canada’s Progressive Industrial Fluids is using green equipment finance to smooth its transition to net zero.

“Since Progressive Industrial Fluids was founded, the world has been greatly impacted by climate change, which is driven in large part by our reliance on hydrocarbon-based products. This is an issue that Progressive does not take lightly,”

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Progressive's Eco Friendly Products   

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